(Still working on setting up. Think I have a character background mostly worked out, currently looking at character relationships.)

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catboysam asked:
ay guh


(I figured you’d still be following me here. Hello my lovely darling.)

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(Sooooo… Does anyone still follow this thing? I know, it’s been a while. I lost the drive to RP, and then senior year demanded my attention, and when I tried to come back before now, I couldn’t get back in. I’ve only just now been able to access the blog again after losing access (thank you Tumblr Support!) but hey, I’m back and currently working on reviving Sif. I have a lot of posts to reread and I’m doing some research into Norse mythology and Thor comics in general to help me flesh her out more, so I probably won’t be back to full RPing for a bit. But hey, I am back finally, so if anyone is still hanging around, I’ve missed you and I look forward to RPing again with you in the future. :D )

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Imagine a movie like The Avengers

But instead of Marvel heroes joining forces

It was Disney Princesses

“I have an army,” Maleficent taunted.

“Yeah?” said Rapunzel, “We have Kuzco.”


“That’s my secret Mulan… I’m always off groove

“Kuzco.. Smash

when he’s angry he turns into a giant llama


So which Disney protagonist is Spidey, I wonder?

Spider-Man is Eilonwy because they’re both not allowed in the club.

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followingisnotreallymystyle || M!A: Bodyswap (closed)


Tony blinked the flashes away. He saw Sif’s glare and rolled his eyes before moving his hands away. “Don’t rain on my parade, sheesh.”

If there was an advantage to their current situation, it was that Stark’s memories could translate for her the odd Midgardian phrases he was constantly spewing. “Why is it no surprise to me that you would derive pleasure from disrespecting me?” She frowned slightly as another memory began to surface.

(Source: fiercestofasgard)

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((So close to being done with this test, and then I’ll be on all Thursday afternoon on and at least part of the weekend.

Can’t wait to finally get back into RPing regularly. This has been ridiculous.))

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“I could keep going…”

“I would rather you not.” 

“Maybe you could show her what fondue is.”

((Tony. Tony pls. TONY.))

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